Giant Kites Tour Day of the Dead November 1st

On November 1st -Day of the Dead-, the community of Sumpango and Santiago Sacatepequez where a colorful ritual with Giant Kites takes place, people start arriving to the cemetery around 4:00 am to start cleaning and decorating family and loved ones graves, family and friends remember lost ones with love and sharing memories, while decorating […]

Iximche Tour Mayan City

Ancient Mayan City Iximche The ancient city of Iximche is located on the outskirts of Tecapan, located in the department of Chimaltenango. Iximche was once the main capital of the Kaqchikel Maya, the city of Iximche was brought down after the Spaniards conquered the area. Iximche an Ancient City still to be explored. Tour Includes: […]

Totonican Tour, San Francisco El Alto and San Andres Xecul

Totonicapan Tour   Tour Totonicapan, San Francisco el Alto and San Andres Xecul   Totonicapan is located in the south-west of Guatemala. A department full of culture and traditions. The people of the Mayan Villages living today produce beautiful textiles on backstrap looms. One of many famous towns in Totonicapan is San Francisco el Alto […]

Quetzaltenango and Almolonga Tour

The city of Quetzaltenango, also commonly known as Xela, is loacted in the southwest of Guatemala. Quetzaltenango is well known for its Mayan Villages, Landscapes, hot springs, valleys and traditions/culture (Cultural Activities). A tour in the City of Xela, where you can visit the Municipal Theater, the Central Park, the museum, etc. Visiting the village […]