Horseback Riding Tour Atitlan

If adventure is something you enjoy, the ride from San Pedro or San Juan La Laguna on Lake Atitlan is something you’ll love! We start from Panajachel to enjoy the spectacular view of Lake Atitlan at 7:00 am and in San Pedro or San Juan Laguna begin the ride with a guide who will lead […]

Tour ecoAventura Atitlán escalar Volcan San Pedro

The Volcano San Pedro es one of the volcanoes that surround the beautiful Lake Atitlan with a height of 3.020 masl. The lake is situated at 1.560 masl and has a longitude of 18 km. Its depth varies and in some areas is unknown, however it has been probed more than 350 m. The clime […]

Tour ecoAventura Atitlan Canopy y Rápel

Live the Adventure of flying between the trees, in one of the ecological park/reserve of Lake Atitlan, enjoy the incredible view of the lake and the volcanoes in a trip in the mountains, in canopy – ziplines -, tyrolean and hanging briges We invite you to enjoy a walk in nature, between paths and additionally […]