Totonican Tour, San Francisco El Alto and San Andres Xecul

Totonicapan Tour


Tour Totonicapan, San Francisco el Alto and San Andres Xecul


Totonicapan is located in the south-west of Guatemala. A department full of culture and traditions. The people of the Mayan Villages living today produce beautiful textiles on backstrap looms. One of many famous towns in Totonicapan is San Francisco el Alto which is located on a mountain at about 2,016mts, the market day in San Francisco is on Friday, you will be able to find textiles at an economical prices, and many handicrafts and artwork of the region, and many other interesting things.


And then their is San Andres Xecul, which is located at the base of the mountain, this town posseses a really colorful yellow church built on the 16th century, its the most brightly colored and decorated in the region.


Departure: Panajachel, Sololà

Hour: 7:00am returning at 6:00am

Includes: Transportation, Bilingual Tour Guide